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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tamil Sexy And Funny Chat Rules And Regulation

  1. Dont fight with other people.
  2. Dont Adverstise websites here.
  3. Dont use sexy names, famous personality names as your username.
  4. Dont use dulicate names by replicating the same name, Dont use relative, sibling id's of others.
  5. Dont talk with girls to talk about sex.
  6. Dont force the girls to give their mail ids.
  7. Dont repeat your messages again and again.
  8. Use only Tamil, Taminglish or English since this is a Tamil Chat Room. Everybody should understand what you are talking.
  9. Dont talk about incest here. Its an offence to talk about incest in the public chat.
  10. Dont Irritate Other Peoples in This Tamil Sexiest Chat

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